February 11, 2016

IT Services

Consulting Services for Voice and Data Solution
Would you like to know about new technology and how it can help you work more efficiently?  Small business technology has improved over the last few years and become more affordable.  The reason is products that were designed for the large business markets have been scaled down to the largest business segment, the SMB.  Aspen Communications specializes in the small to mid size business community and can help you understand and utilise technology to increase productivity and reduce operating costs.  Call us today and lets talk technology and how it can help your organization.  888-900-5244

Aspen Hosted Services
Hosted desktops remove the need for ‘traditional’ desktop PCs in the office environment, provide a secure and convenient way for employees to work away from the office, and reduce the cost of providing the services that you need. A hosted desktop looks and behaves like a regular desktop PC, but the software and data you use are hosted in our data centers. You access your hosted desktop over a secure Internet connection from anywhere in the world, via an existing PC, laptop or Thin Client. [Read More…]

Computer Networks (wired and wireless)
Aspen’s IT professionals can design, install and maintain a variety of network topologies and protocols, including local area networks, wide area networks, wireless networks, server room hardware and setup, call center integration, network evaluation, and network security

Network Security
Security must be considered on a network in many forms, such as user authentication and access control, content (email and file transfers), intrusion detection, viruses and other malware, and physical intrusion or vandalism.  The professionals at Aspen Communications can assess the risk in each of these areas and provide an overall security strategy for your business.

Network Diagnostics and Assessment
There are a variety of ways a network can begin to perform poorly. It requires a knowledgeable staff and expert tools to assess the internal health and viability of a local area, wireless or wide area network and deliver a sound strategy on maximizing its performance. Aspen’s IT Services include both the tools and technical expertise to minimize any network issues.

Through an integrated line of consoles, probes, appliances, and add-on modules, Network Instruments’ Observer product provides visibility into every corner of your infrastructure so you can effectively manage, monitor, and maintain the lifeline of your business.

Remote Backup Service
No data is 100% safe if its storage exists in a single location. Flooding, fire, hurricane, or other natural disasters, in addition to vandalism and theft, all create the potential of total loss of all paperwork, computer systems and data. Aspen has a variety of solutions to mitigate this threat, including server mirroring and daily backup to a remote facility.

Hosted Exchange / Email
In today’s world, a company can choose to host its own Microsoft Exchange services, which provides shared calendaring, scheduling, contacts, and tasks, or it may choose to have this valuable service Hosted by Aspen. In either case, Aspen can facilitate and coordinate everything you need.

Document Management
Aspen Communications partners with Aquarius Imaging software and technology solutions that enable organizations to improve efficiencies through applications that expedite workflow processes. Through the use of business analysis, document management, imaging, workflow automation, and problem solving, the PaperWise team is able to support the needs of a range of companies through customizable and scalable solutions.