February 12, 2016

The Cloud Computing Revolution Seems Closer Than Ever Before

Cloud Computing

Being in the business of technology we constantly have discussions around our office regarding emerging technologies that can help our customers with their business.  One of the technologies that has been pushing its way mainstream is the concept of cloud computing at a business level.  I found an article this morning discussing cloud computing and how both businesses and personal PC users will be … [Read more...]

Android World?


Google's Android operating system is faster growing than Apple's iOS and a much bigger threat to global mobile OS dominance than Symbian, BlackBerry or Windows 7. Android may yet be an even bigger story to the larger worlds of networking and mobile devices in 2011, now that enterprise vendors like Cisco and Avaya have released Android based tablets. Yes, Apple's iPhone and iPad are making … [Read more...]

What We Do


Aspen Communications sells, services and maintains Business Telephone Systems, VOIP Systems, VOIP Service, Computers, Windows Servers and Security Cameras.  We also design and install Voice, Date & Video Networks. We provide Network Security, Firewalls & VPN’s. If you are considering a “Paperless Office”  and would like to eliminate your archived paper records we have the solution.  Our … [Read more...]

Licensed Contractor


Aspen Communications is a Licensed Low Voltage Cable Contractor.  We are Bonded  and Insured.  Aspen will design and install your network for voice, data and video.  We will  recomend the appropriate cable, Cat 5e, Cat 6 or Fiber then terminate, test and label each drop at both ends.  We work on projects of all sizes from a single “Data Drop”  for a computer or telephone in your office, … [Read more...]

Aspen Communications Data Services


Aspen Communications has been providing Business Technology Solutions to Nevada for 9 years.   Our solutions include Computer and Server sales and maintenance.  Network Design and Installation.  Network Security, Firewalls and Spam Filtering. LAN, WAN's and VPN's for on site and remote workers, and remote or off site Backup of all your critical data with a business continuity plan. Thinking … [Read more...]