February 11, 2016

CTI (computer telephone integration)

CTI is technology that allows interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated or coordinated. As contact uses have expanded from voice to include email, web, and fax, the definition of CTI has expanded to include the integration of all customer contact channels (voice, email, web, fax, etc.) with computer systems.

The following are examples of typical CTI functions:

Call information display (caller’s number, number dialed) and Screen population on answer, with or without using calling line data

Automatic dialing and computer controlled dialing (fast dial, preview, and predictive dial.)

Phone control (answer, hang up, hold, conference, etc.)

Coordinated phone and data transfers between two parties

Call center phone control (logging on; after-call work notification)

Advanced functions such as call routing, reporting functions, automation of desktop activities, and multi-channel blending of phone, e-mail, and web requests

Agent state control (for example, after-call automatic change to the ready state)